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Web and mobile Developers

4 months ago 4 months ago
  • Icon IT & Software
  • Icon Employee
  • Icon Full-Time
  • Icon Equity
  • Icon Leiden, Netherlands

Job Description

Web3 social network

Key Responsibilities

Work in agile


MERN, rust and/or python

BitNorm's team members

About BitNorm

In todays world tens thousands blockchains exist and more than a million tokens are build upon. The information about such is either scattered or not available. Many have concerns about the legitimacy and viability of the many projects. There is no central point for full in depth research and analytics to offer a total overview and insights on the whole crypto ecosystem. We also allow the coming together of individuals, projects, groups and businesses to use our marketplace to sell: courses, premium content, copy trading but also posting of events and job listings. There are communties all allround cyberspace, we want to bring them together and offer a quality, mature and global social toolbox/network platform thats focused on web3. Next to this we are in a late stage of taking over an exchange, we will have cloudbots and more to support this. So the scope is the following: BNCommunity (first focus) BNBusiness BNAnalytics BNTrade (to be acquired and partnered on) Let me know if you want to hear more. We work in exchange for BNTokens, still an investment. @alox1008 on telegram